Medieval 4 course Lutes c.1350-1400

58cm, 4 courses; medieval lute based on iconographical sources circa 1350 - 1400. 9 ribs of figured sycamore which flow in a smooth curve between body and neck. Two circular roses of gothic design; one large, the other small. Boxwood fingerboard and pegs. Designed to be played with a plectrum.

I have based this version mostly on the fresco by del Cossa in Ferrara because it is so clear, however the date of this picture is actually c.1470, in spite of the fact that the form of the lutes shown is somewhat old fashioned for the date and closer to that in other earlier sources such as Pera Sera and Sassetta. At the bottom of this page I've put a copy of the fresco so that you can compare shapes. My own version, though, is designed with arcs of circles, as I believe the medieval lutemakers did, and uses Golden Section proportions, which were also fashionable at the time.

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medieval lute medieval lute
4 Course lute after pictures c.1350 - 1400
Ferrara fresco c.1470

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