Renaissance10 Course Lute in G

Lutes 7, 8 & 9 can be built as 10 course instruments with a string length of 63.5cm to enable the basses to sound out well, in line with Dowland's remark that around 1600 the necks of lutes were lengthened to give 10 frets on the neck. This is my recommended solution to the 10 course lute in G, which probably never existed but now seems to be much in demand!
10 course lutes were most likely to have been in F.

The version on the left below is based on the Hieber body (No. 7) and is made in Rio rosewood with holly lines between the ribs.

The version on the right below is based on the Venere body (No.8) and is made in yew with ebony lines between the ribs.

Price, extra: £400

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10 Course Lute in G after Hieber
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