11 Course lute after Christofolo Cocho

67cm, 11 courses; after the anonymous ivory lute in the Victoria & Albert Museum c.1650 (No.1125/1869) This is probably by Cocho and has triple lines of ebony and ivory between the 9 ribs, as well as an extremely ornate marquetry inlay on the neck and pegbox identical to the inlay on a Cocho archlute in Paris.

For this version I have reversed the colours of the inlay by using ebony and holly in place of ivory and ebony, but the design of the inlay is unchanged.

The body of this lute is made of kingwood with holly lines. Cocho often used kingwood, which became a very fashionable wood in 17th century France.

Price and original inlay: £4700
With simpler decoration: £3800
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Cocho 11 course Cocho 11 course
Cocho 11 course

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