13 course German baroque Lutes after Martin Hoffmann

13 course lutes after M. Hoffmann

69cm & 96cm, 13 courses; after Martin Hoffmann 1692 (Nürnberg No. MI 245) 9 ribs; the original is in figured sycamore with ebony strips between, ebony veneered neck. The double pegbox is in ebonised sycamore with relief carving in three panels up the back.

The lute on the left is a fairly accurate copy of the original while the one on the right is a variation on the theme using rosewood for the back and decorative detail on the pegboxes derived from the work of Joachim Tielke

Price: £5100
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This kind of lute can be heard on the fine CD “Silence” by Meinhard Gerlach - Baroque lute, and Diane Severson - Soprano. Obtainable for €20 direct from Meinhard Gerlach

More pictures below.

This is a recent version made for Wilfred Foxe in rosewood and holly with a rose design based on Durham cathedral’s rose window.


13 course lute after M. Hoffmann 13 course lute after M. Hoffmann
13 course lute after M. Hoffmann
“Durham Cathedral█148; rose        Durham Cathedral rose window

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