10 fret theorbo for solo repertoire

This is an extended version of the Sellas theorbo (M255) to give a fingered string length of 82cm. and ten frets on the neck. The diapasons are 164cm to give a good substantial bass for continuo work. This extension gives it a bit more power generally and enables the solo repetoire to be played more easily.

This particular instrument was made for Scott Schwartz in New York and is in kingwood (Dalbergia caerensis) with holly spacers between the ribs. The triple rose is taken from the Rauche baroque lute but with the elements rotated 45 degrees to give a livelier feel to the design. The fingerboard inlay is taken from the Widhalm baroque lute and is made in casein ivory substitute.

Price: £5600
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Sellas 10 fret Theorbo Sellas 10 fret Theorbo
Sellas 10 fret Theorbo
Sellas 10 fret Theorbo
Sellas 10 fret Theorbo

The instrument below was made for Elizabeth Pallett and is in heartwood yew with ebony spacers between the ribs. The neck and extension are veneered in ebony with holly stripes in the style of the original. It is single-strung throughout, but with enough pegs to enable the string layout to be either 6 + 8; or 7 + 7; or 8 + 6, according to the repertoire required.

Small 10 fret Theorbo Small 10 fret Theorbo
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