19 Course Theorbo

76cm & 154cm, 19 courses (6 x 2 + 13 x 1) my own design based on a combination of the 18 & 14 course theorbos by Sellas (Paris E 547 & Brussels M 255) 31 ribs of rosewood or yew with holly or ebony strips between, neck and extension veneered in ebony with holly edging. Triple rose and ebony and bone heart in soundboard. The crook type pegbox is taken from the Paris 18 course theorbo and is more suitable for holding a large number of pegs than the normal Italian type. For playing the repertoire by Kapsberger which requires 19 courses.

This is an extremely highly decorated version with inlay all the way up the neck and extension based on the Christoforo Cocho archlute in Paris. The price below is for simpler decoration!

Price: £5700
Price and elaborate inlay: £6600
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19 Course Theorbo 19 Course Theorbo
19 Course Theorbo
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