Archlute & Liuto Attiorbato

These pictures show an archlute on the right hand side next to a liuto attiorbato. Both are in rosewood with holly lines between the ribs.

Archlute after Matteo Sellas

51. 64cm & 133cm, 14 courses (6 x 2 + 8 x 1) after Matteo Sellas 1630 (Bologna No. 1748) 35 ribs; the original is in shaded yew with ebony strips between. The neck and extension are veneered in ebony with ivory edging, it has a single rose. Because of its relatively small size this can be tuned to g' at modern pitch and does not require large left hand stretches. However, unless these are major considerations, I would recommend one of the larger sized archlutes, especially for accompaniment work.
I recommend adding a pair of extra pegs to the lower pegbox so that the solo repertoire,which requires 7 x 2 & 7 x 1, can be played on the same instrument. Ten frets on the neck.
Price: £5100
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Archlute&Luito Attiorbato Archlute&Luito Attiorbato
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