14 Course Archlute

Archlute after M. Tieffenbrucker Archlute after M. Tieffenbrucker

67cm & 142cm, 14 courses (6 x 2 + 8 x 1) after Magno Dieffopruchar c.1600 (Vienna No. C 45) 31 ribs.

The original is in shaded yew with ebony strips between. The neck and extension are veneered in ebony with ivory edging, there is a triple rose and an ivory and ebony heart in the soundboard.

I recommend adding a pair of extra pegs to the lower pegbox so that the solo repertoire,which requires 7 x 2 & 7 x 1, can be played on the same instrument. Ten frets on the neck.

This version is in ebony with holly lines between the ribs

Price: £5100
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