ArchluteArchlute between renaissance lutes

67cm & 144cm, 14 courses (6 x 2 + 8 x 1) My own design based on a body by Marx Unverdorben, 31 ribs of yew with maple strips between. Neck and extension veneered in ebony with holly edging. Triple rose and a bone and ebony heart in the soundboard. This is designed to give the largest possible body for this string length while still having ten frets on the neck, which is desirable for the solo repertoire.

On the right the same archlute is shown between a 60cm Hieber and a 60cm Venere 7 course lutes to give an idea of the relative sizes.

I recommend adding a pair of extra pegs to the lower pegbox so that the solo repertoire, some of which requires 7 x 2 & 7 x 1, can be played on the same instrument. Ten frets on the neck.

Price: £5100
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