Renaissance Lutes after Hieber

58 - 60cm, 6-8 courses: after Giovanni Hieber c.1580 (Brussels No.1561) 13 ribs.
This is one of the few really authentic unaltered 16th century 7 course lutes in existence. The original has a back of very plain sycamore with no edging to the soundboard and no separate fingerboard, I usually make a more decorated version.

For instance this most recent one is a 7 course lute in kingwood with holly spacers and a neck and pegbox veneered with ebony and snakewood stripes. The pegs are cocobolo with cowbone pips.

For tuning in G at 440Hz or 415Hz..
Price: £3400
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7 Course Lute after Hieber 7 Course Lute after Hieber
7 Course Lute after Hieber

And this is a recent left-handed 8 course version in English yew with ebony lines between the ribs, and snakewood/yew stripes up the back of the neck and pegbox. The fingerboard also has a snakewood central panel. The pegs are made of cocobolo, my favourite wood for pegs as it is very stable in different climates.

8 Course Lute after Hieber 8 Course Lute after Hieber

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