Theorbo after Matteo Sellas

76cm & 154cm, 14 or 15 courses (6 or 7 x 2 + 8 x 1) after Matteo Sellas c. 1635 (Brussels No. M 255) 31 ribs. the original is in shaded yew with ebony strips between. The neck and extension are veneered in snakewood with ivory lines, the soundboard is edged with snakewood and ivory, it has a triple rose. Tuned in G or A with the top course an octave lower. 8 frets.

This is about the smallest size for a genuine theorbo with re-entrant tuning. It is particularly useful if you are worried about large left hand stretches and it will cope very well with chamber ensemble continuo work; but if you are intending to play full scale opera continuo it may not have quite the volume needed, and I would recommend the Kaiser or the Koch, or, if you are very bold, the Tieffenbrucker chitarrone.

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Theorbo after Sellas

Theorbo after Sellas

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