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Mark Longman

April 2016. Really good progress by Mark in Saskatchewan in Canada. He only started in October 2015.

Mark Longman 1

Francesco Conto

The latest lute to be finished is by Francesco Conto from Venice. I've seen it during construction and the care that has been taken and the result looks like a very fine instrument. Well done Francesco!

Conto 1
Conto 2
Conto 3
Conto 4

Juan Carlos Ayala Ruiz

The first lute to be finished and played has just emerged from the chrysalis! Juan Carlos should be congratulated on finishing such a nice instrument. He even started after most of the other people on the course.

juan1.jpg (14 K)
(14 K)
juan2.jpg (11 K)
(11 K)
juan3.jpg (10 K)
(10 K)
laud3.jpg (14 K)
(14 K)
laud4.jpg (8 K)
(8 K)
ruiz1.jpg (20 K)
(20 K)
ruiz2.jpg (5 K)
(5 K)
ruiz4.jpg (28 K)
(28 K)
playing.jpg (28 K)
(28 K)

Michael Thames

Michael Thames first of all made a baroque lute as shown in the plans provided, then he has made another swan-neck version with the long pegbox design taken from the Martin Hoffmann in Nürnberg. He has made a splendid job of both.

01.jpg (18 K)
(18 K)
02.jpg (9 K)
(9 K)
03.jpg (11 K)
(11 K)
04.jpg (11 K)
(11 K)

Rob Parisien

Rob Parisien from Malden, Massachusetts has just sent these pictures of his completed lute. Another splendid looking instrument!

parisien1.jpg (35 K)
(35 K)
parisien2.jpg (40 K)
(40 K)
parisien3.jpg (22 K)
(22 K)
parisien4.jpg (23 K)
(23 K)

Mark Burgess

Mark Burgess has been using cocobolo for the back of his lute. It looks very nice in these photos but apparently there have been some patches of discolouration in the wood. His rose looks particularly nice.

rose.jpg (13 K)
(13 K)
end.JPG (18 K)
(18 K)
side.JPG (13 K)
(13 K)
top.JPG (19 K)
(19 K)

Mario Perucic

Mario Perucic from Croatia has just completed his baroque lute and has sent these photographs of his splendid instrument and even the fitted case. The whole thing looks a very professional job!

2s.JPG (8 K)
(8 K)
3s.JPG (8 K)
(8 K)
4s.jpg (12 K)
(12 K)
7s.jpg (13 K)
(13 K)
9s.JPG (14 K)
(14 K)

Dennis Nick

I just wanted to send a couple of pictures of my recently completed Baroque Lute. I am very happy with the results. The sound is excellent! Very projecting and sonorous. The ribs are in ebony with maple spacers and the soundboard is Engelmann spruce. Almost all of the wood was purchased from Gilmer Wood Co. in Portland Ore. (Excellent wood and very friendly service). The Boxwood pegs are from Bruce Brook.

lute1.jpg (18 K)
(18 K)
lute2.jpg (9 K)
(9 K)
lute3.jpg (11 K)
(11 K)
lute4.jpg (11 K)
(11 K)

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