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Jaume Bosser

The second lute to be finished also comes from Spain! It must be something to do with the guitar-making tradition! Anyway this splendid lute has just been finished by Jaume Bosser and is already being used by a player in Barcelona who wanted it to be in the swan-neck form. Jaume has used the design of the Paris J C Hoffmann to adapt the plans I sent and has made a very good job of it.

bosser1.jpg (13 K)
(13 K)
bosser2.jpg (11 K)
(11 K)
bosser3.jpg (9 K)
(9 K)
bosser4.jpg (11 K)
(11 K)
bosser5.jpg (8 K)
(8 K)
bosser6.jpg (9 K)
(9 K)

Gernot Hilger

Gernot's photos give a sense of the difficulties attendant on this venture! The huge pile of shavings next to the bottle of beer. And still he keeps cheerful!

1.jpg (13 K)
(13 K)
2.jpg (11 K)
(11 K)
3.jpg (9 K)
(9 K)
4.jpg (11 K)
(11 K)
5.jpg (8 K)
(8 K)
6.jpg (9 K)
(9 K)

Ron Fletcher

Ron Fletcher has just sent these pictures of his progress in making the course lute as well as a 10 course renaissance lute. He also runs the Siege Group website which is dedicated to investigating all aspects of English 17th century life. His lute-making progress can be seen at:

lute1.jpg (14 K)
(14 K)
lute2.jpg (9 K)
(9 K)
lute3.jpg (2 K)
(2 K)
lute4.jpg (8 K)
(8 K)
lute5.jpg (5 K)
(5 K)
lute6.jpg (6 K)
(6 K)
lute7.jpg (4 K)
(4 K)

Bernd Kleinemeier

The latest person to send me a photo of their finished lute is Bernd Kleinemeier from Germany, and it looks a very professional job. He himself says, “I made a typical "long-distance-lute", which will say that looked from the distance, the instrument looks pretty good, and the many flaws and imperfections will not be revealed by the photo.” However it looks to me as if he is being modest!

01.jpg (22 K)
(22 K)

Carl Donsbach

Now nearly finished and looking very nice indeed.

ribs04.jpg (8 K)
(8 K)
ribs1.jpg (9 K)
(9 K)
Pegbox.jpg (46 K)
(46 K)
Peg.jpg (13 K)
(13 K)
Front.jpg (81 K)
(81 K)

Edmond Beylerian

A good start with a nice mould.

1.jpg (22 K)
(22 K)

Jean-Paul Dautais

Jean-Paul has just sent these pictures of his progress with his lute. They look very good and auger well for a fine lute. Good luck.

DALT 1 (8 K)
DALT 2 (9 K)
DALT 3 (9 K)
DAUT4 (9 K)
DAUT5 (9 K)


And so it proved. Here is his fine instrument finished


chev1.jpg (27 K)
luthdos2.jpg (23 K)
daltese1.jpg (32 K)
luthprofil2.jpg (29 K)
luth1.jpg (34 K)

Shinya Takano

Shinya Takano is the latest Japanese person to start on the baroque lute building course. He has made wonderful progress in just a few short weeks and his lute looks just right. It is made with Honduras rosewood ribs with maple strips between.

process1.jpg (63 K)
process3.jpg (79 K)
process5.jpg (60 K)
rose.jpg 1 (228 K)
bar2.jpg (11 K)
pegbox.jpg (14 K)
pegbox2.JPG (45 K)
pegbox3.jpg (31 K)
lute.jpg (25 K)

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