Lute Iconography


August 1998

Maximilian's Triumph woodcut
October 1998Master of the St. Lucy Legend, Mary, Queen of Heaven.
November 1998Dürer: Angel with Lute, 1497
December 1998Johann Zoffany (1733 - 1810) The Sharp Family (1781)
January 1999The Master of the Half Lengths, The Concert, 1530
February 1999Masaccio (1401 - 1428), The Virgin and Child, 1426,
March 1999Gerard David, Virgin and Child with Four Angels, c.1485,
April 1999Anon: Lovers Tree, Published Amsterdam late 17th Century
May 1999Anon: Open air Concert, Italian School 16th Century
June 1999The Lute Player, by Caravaggio?
July 1999Dürer, Underweysung der Messung, Nürnberg 1525
September 1999Raphael, Study of a youth playing the lute; study of the right and left hands. c. 1502 -03
October 1999Nicholas Hilliard, Elizabeth I playing the lute c. 1580
November 1999Jan Mytens, A Lady Playing a Lute,1648
December 1999Dürer, Virgin and Child
January 2000Frans van Mieris (1635 - 1681), Woman writing a letter
February 2000Dürer, Margin illustration in Emporer Maximilian's Prayerbook,1515
March 2000Hendrick ter Brugghen, Lute player,1624
June 2000Dürer, Madonna of the Rose Garlands, 1508
August 2000 Lorenzo Lotto (c.1480 - 1556) Madonna in Trono (detail)
November 2000Jan van Scorel (1495 - 1562), Portrait of a Luteplayer.
January 2001 Crispijn de Passe (1564 - 1637), Student Music.
March 2001Frans van Mieris the Elder (1635 - 1681) Portrait of Francois de le Boë Sylvius and his Wife. 1672
October 2003Hans Holbein (1497/8 - 1543), Unknown Man with Lute.
December 2011Arnault of Zwolle (c. 1400 - September 6, 1466) Lute design c. 1440
October 2014Possible portrait of Nicholas Lanier.
November 2015Adriaen van der Werff or Eglon Hendrick der Neer??.

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