Lute Iconography


August 1998

Maximilian's Triumph woodcut
October 1998Master of the St. Lucy Legend, Mary, Queen of Heaven.
November 1998Dürer: Angel with Lute, 1497
December 1998Johann Zoffany (1733 - 1810) The Sharp Family (1781)
January 1999The Master of the Half Lengths, The Concert, 1530
February 1999Masaccio (1401 - 1428), The Virgin and Child, 1426,
March 1999Gerard David, Virgin and Child with Four Angels, c.1485,
April 1999Anon: Lovers Tree, Published Amsterdam late 17th Century
May 1999Anon: Open air Concert, Italian School 16th Century
June 1999The Lute Player, by Caravaggio?
July 1999Dürer, Underweysung der Messung, Nürnberg 1525
September 1999Raphael, Study of a youth playing the lute; study of the right and left hands. c. 1502 -03
October 1999Nicholas Hilliard, Elizabeth I playing the lute c. 1580
November 1999Jan Mytens, A Lady Playing a Lute,1648
December 1999Dürer, Virgin and Child
January 2000Frans van Mieris (1635 - 1681), Woman writing a letter
February 2000Dürer, Margin illustration in Emporer Maximilian's Prayerbook,1515
March 2000Hendrick ter Brugghen, Lute player,1624
June 2000Dürer, Madonna of the Rose Garlands, 1508
August 2000 Lorenzo Lotto (c.1480 - 1556) Madonna in Trono (detail)
November 2000Jan van Scorel (1495 - 1562), Portrait of a Luteplayer.
January 2001 Crispijn de Passe (1564 - 1637), Student Music.
March 2001Frans van Mieris the Elder (1635 - 1681) Portrait of Francois de le Boë Sylvius and his Wife. 1672
October 2003Hans Holbein (1497/8 - 1543), Unknown Man with Lute.
December 2011Arnault of Zwolle (c. 1400 - September 6, 1466) Lute design c. 1440
August 2014Long essay on wood supply for lutemakers in 16th and 17th centuries
October 2014Possible portrait of Nicholas Lanier.
November 2015Adriaen van der Werff or Eglon Hendrick der Neer??.

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