Liuto attiorbato
after Sellas

Liuto attiorbato after Sellas Liuto attiorbato after Sellas

59cm & 84cm, 14 courses (7 x 2 + 7 x 2) after Matteo Sellas 1638 (Paris No. E. 1028) 15 ribs; the original is in alternate ivory and ebony ribs with double ebony and ivory strips between. The neck and extension are veneered in matching ebony and ivory stripes. The fingerboard has engraved ivory panels. There is a single rather unusual rose. For tuning in G.

This is a fairly exact copy of the original with hornbeam used in place of the ivory. The engraved panels on the fingerboard show scenes of warfare between Hungarians and Turks; they were taken from Jost Amman's pattern book published in Nürnberg in 1599. It is interesting that Sellas working in Venice used a Nürnberg pattern book of 40 years earlier.

Price & engraved panels: £5300
without the engraved panels:£4800
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Sellas rose

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