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A selection of moulds hanging ready for use!

All my lutes have authentic construction using the traditional glue and my own oil and pine resin varnish or an oiled finish for the harder woods. They are guaranteed against faults of workmanship or materials.

The prices include decoration up to, or above, the standard of the original but where this is very elaborate I offer a second lower price for a plainer version. The woods I have available are: figured sycamore, figured ash, cherry, plum, plane, yew, hornbeam, bird's eye maple, ebony, kingwood, padauk and rosewood. I do not use ivory or tortoiseshell but I have found that bone, holly and snakewood can be used to create the same designs without resorting to plastic.

Each lute can be built in the woods of your choice, striped or plain, with or without contrasting strips between the ribs at no extra cost.

The fronts I make of finest Bavarian Pine, and the backs can be striped or plain at no extra cost. I can offer figured sycamore, cherry, yew, hornbeam, ebony, plum, ash, kingwood, snakewood or rosewood as standard, with other woods as required if they are available. A wide variety of rose designs is also available, I will send a selection for your choice when you place your order.

To see pictures of some typical roses click here

These and other details can always be altered to suit your taste. Similarly with pegs, I make a whole range of designs and can copy any design you like in any available wood. However I do strongly recommend cocobolo for pegs as being the most stable and trouble-free in use. After about a year the bright reddish colour tones down to become a very nice warm brown.

To see pictures of some typical pegs click here

I am one of four lute-makers on the national Crafts Council Index for my lutes and have built instruments for players in America, Canada, Japan, Israel and throughout Europe.

I don’t make cases for my instruments any more but instead I can order them for you to fit your lute from a variety of professional casemakers such as Kingham Cases in England and Victor Vorko in Paris.




All prices are ex workshop, but every type of delivery can be arranged.

Final prices are fixed in pounds at the time of your order and I will do my best to hold to these prices. If for one reason or another a long time has elapsed I reserve the right to raise them in line with inflation of instrument prices. I will confirm final price before starting work.

A deposit of 10% is required with a firm order and the remainder is due on, or just before, delivery, depending on the delivery method chosen.

I undertake to return the full purchase price on the return of the lute in good condition if you are not satisfied within six weeks.

Under current legislation Value Added Tax is not payable on my lutes in the United Kingdom. However customers from other European countries may have to pay this tax on entry to their own country.

I hope this of some use and I look forward to hearing from you. If you would like more information or would like to order an instrument please E-Mail me by clicking

My postal address is: The Smokehouse, 6 Whitwell Road, Norwich NR1 4HB, England

Telephone from abroad is: + 44 1603 629899

Yours sincerely,

David Van Edwards

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